Scheduling Through Hard Times

As time goes on and social distancing becomes more serious, it is vital to create a daily schedule for us students to follow. I like many LOVE the idea of staying up all night and sleeping in until noon, however this is not sustainable for a healthy and productive student. I understand that creating a schedule is hard and that having a balance between work and fun is necessary. Below I have listed an example of my daily schedule and something you can use to implement a schedule into your own life. 

8:00 am  

Wake up time! Put on a fresh pair of clothes, and maybe do a couple of stretches. Wash your face and your hands and prepare a healthy breakfast. I recommend things like yogurt, oatmeal, fruits, or eggs! Catch up with some friends and ease into your morning.

9:00 am

Time to start your productivity. I recommend starting off your morning with doing work or studying for your morning classes. Set up a quiet space on your desk, put your phone on airplane mode, and put on some classical music. Take periodic breaks every thirty minutes. During these breaks I recommend playing a quick game, taking a quick walk, or even singing your favorite song. 

11:00 am

Exercise Break! Try some yoga, meditation, or go for a run. Find a way to keep your body active. Not only does exercising make you feel good but it allows you to release some of the stress you have been feeling from being all cooped up. 

12:00 pm 

Lunch break. Get a nice fulfilling lunch and prepare maybe some soup, sandwiches, salads, or something that you have in the house. Take your time eating and reflect on your school life. Take this time for yourself and to think about what is going on in your life and how you can improve.

1:00 pm

Time to go back to studying. Either study for your classes or standardized tests. If you do not feel like studying for these, take the time to study a new language or a new skill. Remember to take a 5-10 minute break every thirty minutes to refresh your mind.

3:00 pm 

Snack time! Quickly refresh on a snack of your choice. Maybe some fruit, popcorn, or even a quick smoothie. Enjoy your snack and watch a show or a youtube video to give your brain a break. 

3:30 pm

Take this time to write down how you are feeling. Either in a journal or through art. Remember to never lose your creative side in harder times. Often, your creativity can save you from sulking all day. Find joy in the little things. 

4:00 pm

Time for some free time. Either indulge in a hobby or catch up on your favorite show. Read a book or facetime some friends. Find some way to keep yourself occupied and inside. Some ideas can include: reading your favorite book, playing an instrument, sewing some clothes, drawing a picture, making a collage, writing a book, watching a netflix show, taking a fun course online, playing some video games, practicing some coding. Anything will do!

5:30 pm

Have dinner. Eat with your family. Try to avoid talking about negative topics. Really enjoy your time together and enjoy the little things. Some ideas of meals include: tacos, salad, homemade pizzas, spaghetti, ramen, make-your-own sushi rolls, chicken, fish, anything you would like!

6:30 pm

Go for a walk by yourself or with your family. If you have a pet be sure to take them out too. Enjoy some quality time outdoors and get a breath of fresh air. It is important to enjoy the nature around us.

7:00 pm

Take more time to yourself. Choose what you are going to do. Either be productive or take a break. Just remember to do something that makes  you happy.

10:00 pm

Turn off all electronics and prepare yourself for bed. I recommend reading a book or listening to a podcast before you go to sleep. Remember to try to avoid screens because they will keep you up for longer than you would like. 

11:00 pm

Try to be in bed by now and get a good sleep. Reflect on your day and recall what you are grateful for. 

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