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We have a team of student tutors across the country who volunteer to work with students aged 8 to 18 and help them access and embrace STEAM. Our tutoring program functions in two ways: locally (in-person) and online. We provide students with face to face interaction whenever we have a tutor in their area. But, our online tutoring allows us to expand our program and mission without having a local presence. Steam on's tutoring program really helps provide young people with the mentorship and resources that they need to succeed in these fields. We believe that the peer-to-peer education component of our mission is critical to making STEAM both more accessible and engaging for young people because they are learning and talking with people like them.


local chapters

Local chapters of steam on help us develop an on-the-ground and personal presence for the organization. They serve as meeting places for students passionate about STEAM to connect and talk about their interests as well as safe spaces for young people to learn about STEAM through free resources and peer-to-peer education. Chapters also host events in their areas for students to explore their interest such as coding camps, hack-a-thons, STEAM career fairs, group discussions or debates, and more. Anyone can establish a local chapter of steam on at a college, middle or high school. If you are interested in starting your own chapter of steam on, click the button below and check out how.


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